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Software-as-a-service solution supporting origination of consumer credit, mortgages, insurances, and onboarding customers for other regulated services.

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The onboarding of consumers for financial services requires compliance with several rules and regulations, such as AML/CFT checks. Our team of business analysts, designers and software engineers supports you by defining the customer journey and the user experience, selecting the right partners and orchestrating the digital onboarding funnel. For quickest time-to-market, we offer our white-label Digital Onboarding Platform.

The Explicit Selection Digital Onboarding Platform, that can be customized to your needs and integrated with your back-office systems, facilitates onboarding of your clients within a consistent digital channel. In combination with our or your service desk, application coaches assist your clients with the digital onboarding procedure, delivering the best conversion in line with regulatory compliance.

Key features

Our Digital Onboarding Platform enables regulatory compliant customer onboarding in various financial verticals

Secure onboarding

Looking at the evolution of financial services and regulations, we believe digital onboarding is playing and will be playing a crucial role in life and business.

Explicit Selection Digital Onboarding Platform enables regulatory compliant customer onboarding for financial services and other regulated products specific to the industry, service or market.

The platform is designed to convert prospects into customers and to facilitate compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. It combines customizable application flow with the modern digital frameworks such as digital identity networks and digital signature services.

Automated KYC/AML checks

In the onboarding flow, tailor-made for your service, the platform facilitates mandatory KYC/AML checks, credit scoring checks, and includes fraud prevention and risk management mechanisms.

The platform is integrated with external data sources and data validation services, enabling easy KYC process with high conversion.

Digital identity and signatures

The onboarding flow integrates seamlessly in modern digital identity networks and electronic signature services.

Using EU eIDAS-compliant frameworks, the platform ensures the legal validity of generated contracts, audibility, and proper verification of customer identification credentials.

Customisable application flow

The customer application flow is tuned to the service offered, including all mandatory legal requirements for responsible lending, financial literacy tests and other provisions.

The platform is integrated with a number of industry networks and customer’s CRM systems.

The customer application data is registered for traceability and audibility purposes, enabling GDPR-related use cases and policies on data retention.

Key Benefits

Our Digital Onboarding Platform enablesregulatory compliant customer onboarding in the financial vertical


Enables onboarding in execution-only mode as a self-service, or assisted by application coaches.

External validation

Allows of seamless integration with external data sources and data validation services.


Can be used as a platform to sell additional products or services.

Regulatory compliance

GDPR-ready design, integration with industry standards such as eIDAS, digital ID (iDIN) and digital signing (CM).


Cost-efficient SaaS solution, 24/7 self-service platform, integrated with industry networks and customer’s CRM systems.

Digital sales channel

Direct sales channel to consumers for mortgage, loans and other financial products (e.g., bank guarantees).


Leverage Explicit Selection’s Digital Onboarding Platform for customer acquisition compliant with KYC/AML regulations

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