Digital payment experts with a thorough knowledge ofmarket & ecosystems and compliance & regulations



Technology and security are at the core of  what we do. We leverage this expertise to help you define and build modern products and services.

Given our experience in the market we have witnessed the card payment world evolving from mag stripe, to EMV chip technology, 3DS, Secure Remote Commerce, Digital Onboarding, API based services and Open Banking.

  • Card-based payments technologies, EMV, NFC, HCE & Cloud, QR
  • eCommerce, EMV 3-D Secure, Secure Remote Commerce (Click to Pay), Tap-on-mobile
  • Payment standards: EMVCo, American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, Visa
  • Merchant-initiated transaction frameworks, tokenization, Card-on-File
  • Open Banking, Instant Payments & Mobile Payments, EMV in transit
  • Digital wallets, FIDO, digital identity, authentication and signatures
  • Blockchain, DLT, smart contracts
  • Global Platform standards
  • ISO18013 (mDL) standards


In the complex global payment ecosystem, we can help you outline, position and implement new strategies to innovate and remain relevant in the modern payment world.

Our competences span from traditional international and domestic networks to e-commerce, digital wallets, digital identity and credit products (e.g. mortgages, insurance and consumer instant credit at checkout).

  • Traditional card-based and alternative payment methods (Account-to-account, BNPL and more)
  • Global payment value chain (payment gateways, PSPs, VARs, ISOs, processors, acquirers, issuers, payment networks)
  • Urban mobility, transit and ticketing, closed- and open-loop systems
  • Mobile payments, Vendor/OEM Pay, mobile wallets, Tap-on-mobile
  • Digital Identity service providers, frameworks and standards
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies


Creating innovative products and services leveraging modern technology while being compliant with regulations is a complex challenge.

We believe that prudent regulation brings structure, security, predictability and fair-play in financial markets. We help you navigate through applicable regulations to ensure full compliance of your products and services at go to market.

  • EMV standardisation framework, global payment scheme liability shifts, mandates, certification requirements
  • EU PSD2 and RTS, SCA
  • EU GDPR and cybersecurity
  • Digital Identity, EU eIDAS, AML and CDD/KYC/KYB frameworks

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