Consumer loans digital platform

Platform for innovative payment methods

Give your customer the option to spread the cost!

Our consumer loans digital platform is the corner stone of a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit as a payment method for your Customers at no additional costs for the Merchant.

Onboarding for products like BNPL or installment-based lending

The consumer loans digital platform provides additional buying power at checkout for consumers to complete their purchase.

Online Customer Experience

Our Platform

Fully automated and white-label, the consumer loans digital platform allows for:

  • Digital consumer onboarding
  • Real-time online credit
  • Easy and transparent connection
  • No additional costs for the merchant
  • Leverages modern digital ID frameworks
  • White label and multi-language
  • Compliant out of the box

Real-time Online Credit

The consumer loans digital platform enables instant real-time online credit for consumers.

Easy and Transparent Connection

Loans are entirely transparent. No hidden cost, no surprises. From the moment consumer start using the platforms, it is clear how much they have borrowed and now how much they have to pay back and when.

No Additional Costs for the Merchant

CreditClick is the first truly free payment method for merchants and PSP’s. Merchants are given the opportunity to increase their conversion rates by offering loans to consumers creating instant buying power.

Leverages Modern Digital ID Frameworks

The consumer loans digital platform is compliant with modern digital ID frameworks such as eIDAS and GDPR.

White Label and Multi-language

The consumer loans digital platform is white label, multi-language by design and available to all credit suppliers.

Compliant Out of The Box

Key Benefits

  • European solution: Internationally accepted
  • Instant buyer power: Available instantly when needed
  • Increased conversion: New revenue streams from new markets
  • No service charge: Zero Merchant Service Charge
  • Guaranteed payments: No chargebacks, guaranteed payment
  • Simple Integration: Modern and straightforward APIs

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