Mortgage digital onboarding platform

Platform for innovative mortage onboarding

In today’s market, mortgage suppliers are expected to provide consumers with a wide range of financial solutions across different sales channels. With the ES Mortgage Platform, you can add new digital sales channels to your traditional ones to enhance the mortgage application experience and cross-sell additional financial products.

Online Customer Experience

Our Platform

Fully automated, white-label and connected to multiple servicers through The Dutch Mortgage Data Network HDN. The platform includes:

  • Digital consumer onboarding
  • Execution-only mortgage origination
  • Online coaches for full customer support
  • A large network of brokers for financial advice AFM-compliant financial literacy test 

Key Benefits

  • Omni-channel mortgage issuance, including online coaches and mortgage calculator
  • Enabling 100% FTR mortgage applications
  • Omni-channel options for both online and offline
  • Customer support with trusted advisor
  • Direct digital sales channel for consumer
  • Cross-selling of additional financial products (e.g., bank guarantees and insurances)
  • Self-service mortgage origination portal for financially educated consumers
  • Cost benefits of fully managed outsourced service
  • Fully customisable (white label and multi-language by design) user experience

Our Partners

Enable Your Mortgage Label

Solution Overview


  • Digital Onboarding
  • Mortgage Origination Software


  • Digital ID Providers
  • Mid-Office Servicers
  • Source Data Provider


  • Back-Office Servicers
  • Data Network (HDN)

Functionalities Overview

Online Application


  • Automated mortgage calculation/li>
  • Self-service online application
  • Financial literacy test
  • Attractive consumer pricing options

Online Coach

  • Live support during the online application process
  • Live check of documents correctness
  • Seamless transfer to independent advisors


  • Data-driven personal user flow
  • Consumer-tailored advice
  • 24/7 availability

Offline Application

With independent advisors

  • Customer-focused mortgage advice
  • Lead generation
  • Integration with for quality assurance and transfer to independent advisors

Technical Features

Standard Features

  • Self-service platform for mortgage applications
  • Cost-efficient SaaS solution and operations
  • Integration with services and distributors
  • Digital ID and digital signature support
  • Mobile-first UX design

Advance Features

  • Integration with source data providers (e.g., Mijnoverheid, UWV, DUO, BKR, etc.)
  • Integration with Calcasa for online taxation
  • Data-driven decision making


  • MCD-, AFM-compliant mortgage platform
  • Certified ISAE 3402
  • Integration of Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee standard (NHG)
  • GDPR-proof design
  • eIDAS-compliant digital signature

Platform Availability

  • 24/7 active with 99,9% SLA
  • AWS-cloud based in a European data center

Deployment Phases

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