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Giving consumers an easy way to pay, borrow, or invest. We support financial institutions and payment networks in the USA and Europe with their digital payment and go-to-market strategies.


Ecosystem Analysis

Financial ecosystems are complex and ever shifting. We leverage our industry expertise and provide the analytical tools necessary to understand your industry landscape and make sure that you are moving in the right direction with your innovative digital products and services. 

Industry and ecosystem assessment
We analyze digital industries and ecosystems and the interdependencies between their participants. We identify regulatory and technical compliance implications for your products and services.

Market analysis for product innovation
We conduct market research and capability analysis on your service offerings. We also combine insights into market trends, consumer preferences, standardization and regulatory landscapes to help you better develop your products.

Data analytics for idea validation
We provide comprehensive support in using data analytics to validate ideas, helping you gain insights and enabling evidence-based validation for your concepts.

Technical Due Diligence
We perform technical due diligence of fintech companies on behalf of venture capital companies and corporate investors. We also support companies seeking investment in preparation for due diligence.

Go-to-Market Support

Launching a new product on the market requires care and preparation, first crafting the right product, tailored to your value proposition, and then presenting it to the market. We support you in all these phases, with our technical and analytical skills and our long experience in product management.

Product/market fit analysis
We help you define your product and services, focusing on your core value proposition and the expectations of the ecosystem. We hold workshops with stakeholders and key decision makers to validate ideas and strategies.

Product roadmaps and Go-to-market strategy
We support creation and prioritization of your strategic product roadmaps. Together with your team, we define the optimum go-to-market strategy for a successful launch.

Product collaterals
We create comprehensive documentation packages required for the sales and delivery cycle of a complex product. The package may include sales brochures, product sheets, pitch decks, product guides, implementation guides, training and e-learning modules, as well as various sales tools for B2B products (ROI/business case calculators, sales support kits, commercial proposal template etc.) Our technical expertise allows us to build complex sets of technical documentation such as certification manuals, test plans, technical specifications, or the interface specification for your API portal.

Implementation Support

We have deep knowledge of the financial services industry, from a technical and product point of view. We know that the implementation phase is the one where most of the problems occur. Our technical expertise helps you to scope, plan, and troubleshoot anything related to the technology stack or industry standard.

Implementation strategy and execution
We support you with subject-matter expertise in payments, digital identity, lending, or another Fintech area, structuring your implementation strategy with the right balance of ambition versus feasibility. We augment your team capabilities with the right competences and experience required to manage complex implementations, certifications and launches.

Strategic partnership assessment and M&A support
We assess the partnerships that can facilitate your value proposition and are in line with your business strategy. We give you insights into the capabilities and potential of the merge & acquisitions targets prior to committing investments.

Vendor selection, RFP/RFI support
We assist you in scouting for the right vendor and preparing Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) that correctly convey your needs and align to the industry standards. We provide our expertise in procurement and vendor evaluation to streamline your selection process and choose the right vendor.

Buy vs. Build decision making
We support you in the decision-making process whether to buy or to build solutions that are fit for purpose for your services and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Digital Onboarding Orchestration

The onboarding of consumers for financial services requires compliance with several rules and regulations, such as AML/CFT checks. Our team of business analysts, designers and software engineers supports you by defining the customer journey and the user experience, selecting the right partners and orchestrating the digital onboarding funnel. For quickest time-to-market, we offer our white-label Digital Onboarding Platform.

Design and architecture support
We support the creation phase of a new digital product by providing detailed insights, from software architecture to User Experience design and data analytics. We make sure you comply with Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) /Combatting Financing of Terrorism (CFT) rules and regulations with automated checks into digital identity verification and risk-related lists (e.g., for sanctioned entities or politically exposed persons). We help you implement digital signature and eligibility checks (e.g., financial literacy tests) tailored to your product.

Managed service delivery
The Explicit Selection Digital Onboarding Platform, that can be customized to your needs and integrated with your back-office systems, facilitates onboarding of your clients within a consistent digital channel. In combination with our or your service desk, application coaches assist your clients with the digital onboarding procedure, delivering the best conversion in line with regulatory compliance.

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