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Product-Market Fit Analysis

Embedding finance in every market

The embedded finance market is growing at a very rapid pace. Customers are getting increasingly used to pay and get access to their accounts out of the conventional ways, sometimes without even noticing it. Nowadays, financial products are included seamlessly in many daily activities, such as using public transport or grabbing a snack. The apparent simplicity relies on the underlying and ever-changing complexity of the embedded finance market. This complexity offers many opportunities for various digital services, if they are properly positioned and offered.

Financial products are subject to complex regulatory landscapes, such as EU GDPR, PSD2 (PSD3 yet to come) and the U.S. Durbin Act or even Durbin Credit a.k.a CCCA,  and yet they must meet ever higher market expectations for a smooth customer experience. New products must be innovative and fit well in the overall ecosystem, while offering acceptable risk levels to be embraced by the industry. Product innovations can rarely replace the entire conventional ecosystem; they rather need to rely on it, to disrupt it later.

What we do to help
Our support encompasses a holistic approach to address your challenges. We analyze your target market, to give you an idea of where your product stands compared to your competitors and how it fits in the market. We guide you through the intricate financial and digital ecosystems your product will be part of, and we analyze the relevant regulations and industry standards for you. By mapping out these factors, we help you navigate all potential hurdles for a successful product deployment.

Implementation Support

Leveraging industry standards to innovate

The Fintech sector is heavily supervised on the regulatory side. It is also pressured with established technology standards, mandatory certifications, and rigid programs from dominant players like payment networks, digital wallets and mobile phone manufacturers. A great digital financial product must find its place in this complex ecosystem, navigating through the different standardization frameworks and requirements.

When you create a financial product, several key aspects must be considered. Which regulatory regimes will apply? Which certifications will be required? What industry standards are relevant? What technology stack will you choose? Do you want to buy or build the solution? All these considerations are essential for the difficult endeavor of bringing a product to market that is both properly positioned and offers a smooth customer experience.

What we do to help
We offer an all-round approach to support you through these challenges. We apply our technical expertise to guide you through all the relevant industry standards and certifications to enable you to select the most suitable technological stack for your specific product needs. We assist you in making buy or build decisions, in forging partnerships with the right parties, and in creating valuable synergies. Throughout the implementation phase, we provide hands-on support and continuous guidance.

Go-to-Market Services

Supporting great products with good stories

Some great products are a “best-kept-secret” and achieve limited traction because they are not properly presented and explained. This often happens in the digital finance world, which has a complex supply chain and many B2B relationships. It is essential that products developed and introduced in this supply chain are sharply positioned and easy to integrate with.

Due to regulatory and standardization requirements, it can be complex to introduce new digital financial products and integrate them within the existing ecosystem. An organization must provide a clear and compelling narrative on why their product or service matters and how it fits within the ecosystem. Otherwise even the greatest products can end up being misunderstood and overlooked in the market.

What we do to help
We specialize in presenting your product and your unique offering within the broader context of the financial industry to ensure clarity and relevance to your target audience. We support you in crafting a harmonized portfolio roadmap and a tailored launch strategy, that enables you to enter the market at the opportune moment, maximizing impact and reception. We provide a comprehensive suite of product collateral, meticulously crafted to articulate the value proposition and effectively market your new product to potential customers. Depending on the product this may include technical documents, such as: API specifications and implementation guides, training material and slide-decks, certification program descriptions, implementation partner programs, and product-oriented collateral such as manuals and user guides.

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