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Product-Market Fit Analysis

The embedded finance market is growing at a very rapid pace. Financial products are included seamlessly in many daily activities, such as using public transport or grabbing a snack. Despite the apparent simplicity, the market's underlying complexity poses challenges and opportunities for new digital services. You need to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, market alignment, originality, and effective risk controls, and yet meet ever higher market expectations for a smooth customer experience. We provide support and help you navigate all potential hurdles for a successful product deployment.

Implementation Support

The Fintech sector is heavily supervised on the regulatory side. When you create a financial product, several key aspects must be considered. You have to find out which regulatory regimes apply,  which certifications will be required, and what industry standards are relevant. We provide support with all these challenges. We apply our technical expertise to guide you through all the relevant industry standards and certifications to enable you to select the most suitable technological stack for your specific product needs. Apart from that, we can assist you in making buy or build decisions, and in forging partnerships with the right parties.

Go-to-Market Services

Some great products are a “best-kept-secret” and achieve limited traction because they are not properly presented and explained. This often happens in the digital finance world, which has a complex supply chain and many B2B relationships. Due to regulatory and standardization requirements, it can be complex to introduce new digital financial products and integrate them within the existing ecosystem. We can help you present your product and your unique offering within the broader context of the financial industry to ensure clarity and relevance to your target audience. We provide a comprehensive suite of product collateral, meticulously crafted to articulate the value proposition and effectively market your new product to potential customers.

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Financial Services “as a Service”

Leverage Explicit Selection’s Digital Onboarding Platform for customer acquisition in compliance with KYC/AML regulations

digital onboARDiNG PLATFORM

Making the complex world of financial services simpler, safer and more accessible

Use our expertise and experience in the core three aspects of modern Fintech business

Modern tech products

We help you design your product in accordance with today’s customer expectations.

Complex ecosystems

We help you select right partners and create business balance in your service offering.

Regulatory compliance

We help you define your operation within the right set of applicable rules and regulations.

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