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Privacy Statement – Explicit Selection B.V.

This Privacy Statement provides information on how Explicit Selection processes data from clients, suppliers, and business associates. This Privacy Statement does not concern the processing of the personal data of employees of Explicit Selection.

Our contact details:

Explicit Selection B.V.
Chamber of Commerce nr. 68205074
Klein Heiligland 10
2011EG, Haarlem

1. Purposes for which we process your personal data

We process data for the following purposes:

  1. If you contact Explicit Selection (online or offline), we will use personal data such as your email address, name and telephone number. The basis for this is our legitimate interest in exchanging information with you. We will store your data so that we can exchange information with you in future, should it be necessary to do so.
  2. Compliance with statutory obligations and protection of Explicit Selections’ interests. If you do business with us, or intend to do business with us, we will process your personal data for the purposes of assessment and acceptance, in connection with a contract or its performance, or an audit or legal proceedings. We may also use your personal data when checking whether you appear on a sanctions list or when performing due diligence in relation to existing or future investments by companies connected with Explicit Selection.

2. Source of processed data

If we process personal data that we have not obtained from you, then that processing will always take place in connection with an agreement concluded with your or in preparation for a future agreement. That data will be obtained from public sources and registers (for instance from the Chamber of Commerce) or from consultants, in connection with an agreement to which you are party or an agreement with a firm at which you hold a position.

3. Disclosure of your personal data

Our firm will only disclose your personal data to third parties if obliged to do so by law or if necessary for the performance of an agreement that has been concluded.

4. Storage of your personal data

Once an agreement with you has been terminated, we will destroy all data that we are not required to retain by statute or regulations. An exception applies to publicly available information that is relevant for the purposes of any future contact (for example, email address, telephone number, address, LinkedIn details and information published by the Chamber of Commerce).

5. Your rights in relation to the personal data that we process

If you wish to exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the right of access or rectification, the right to be forgotten or any other rights, please submit your request to us by email.

6. Data protection

We use various cloud services to store your information. We only use services that operate using secure internet connections and configure database authorisation in such a way that information is only accessible to those who need it.

7. Force majeure, restrictions and complaints

Explicit Selection endeavors to comply with your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. However, as there are security risks associated with data transfers over the internet that cannot reasonably be eliminated, Explicit Selection is unable to offer any guarantees in this respect. Explicit Selection stores data in systems that comply with generally accepted security standards. We store hard copy data in a locked room that cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons except by forcing entry.

In relation to the data provided under any agreements, we will clearly indicate how that data will processed and where it will be stored. If you believe that these procedures are inadequate, we expect you to notify us, in which case we will terminate our agreement with you or decline to conclude an agreement with you.

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